Sunday, August 02, 2009

The CAFÉ at the Getty Villa

Cafe veranda and view of the Getty Villa

The CAFÉ at the Getty Villa - Pacific Coast Highway - Santa Monica, Calif

Located inside the Getty Villa it overlooks the outside theatre and you also can see the Pacific Ocean from the outside dining veranda. Quick food that is wholesome and prepared very well for a fast food type establishment. You can have you choice of California takes on some Italian food treats, like Tuscan soup, lasagna Della casa, frittata Della casa or Orecchette pasta with braised artichokes. You also can dine on an Eggplant Panini or a grilled portabella salad. Now I know this does not seem like the type of food offered in a service cafe, well they are and prepared very well indeed.

There are salads, or a Greek chicken sandwich, Roman burger, Tuscan turkey burger, a children’s menu offering 4 choices plus French fries a la carte. They offer wine and beer plus an assortment of fountain sodas, bottled water or regular water with ice. Slushies and passion fruit iced tea and even espresso are available for the thirsty traveler. Since we had been walking the museum grounds I felt like a refreshing salad so I picked the chopped Villa salad, made from chopped Romaine and Radicchio, Artichokes, Chickpeas, Feta Cheese, Pistachios, and a creamy lemon yogurt dressing. This plus a side of homemade peasant bread made a nice and figure friendly luncheon, enough Salad served at the Getty Villafor me and my son to split and feel satisfied.

You order inside and get your drink selections if you opted for water or a fountain drink, they give you a number which you place on your table and it’s delivered to you in plastic containers, but you get actual silver ware and a cloth napkin for you meal. If you still feel the need they also offer four offerings for dessert, Artisan Cheese and dried market fruit for two, seasonal fruit dumplings, tiramisu and lemon panna cotta. Prices range from $7.95 to 12.95 and wine is $7.25-$8.00 a glass but they also offer a bottle for around $30.00. You can also have beer and they offer a non alcoholic one.

Villa courtyard at the Getty VillaAfter touring the museum which is a recreation of a Roman Villa, and seeing the fantastic artifacts contained therein, you are indeed in the mood for some good food with an even more fantastic view and at a modest price. Since you only pay $15.00 for parking and the entrance is free this is indeed a great deal for your wallet. Reservations are needed for the self tour so call in advance, you can spend a few hours or an entire day strolling inside or outside in one of many gardens with pools and fountains and shaded grape arbor’s to shelter you from the coastal sun
But for the die hard “Italian” craving they also offer three choices of pizza to please your taste buds and included is a low carb version without cheese, so they do offer something for everone.