Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Riverwalk Cafe - Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Riverwalk Café April 2009
695 E. Main Street
Lava Hot Springs, Id 83246

Not your traditional restaurant since it occupies an old gas station. The pumps are gone which afford some covered parking to a lucky few, but the outside is basically a gas station. They have made some cosmetic overtones and some plants, but don’t let the look fool you the food is good. This family has been serving up good Thai cuisine since 1998 in Lava and has a following of true devotees.

Your waiter takes your order without pad or pen several tables at a time and brings back all food to the correct table and person. Don’t be fooled first come first served is not the general rule since some dishes take longer to make you are served as they come off the stove. This has some negative effects if your dish is the special one you might find you self eating along since the rest of your party had already dined.

They offer appetizers, soups, salads, a la carte items, specials or noodle dishes, fried rice and curries. You can have spring rolls, fried chicken wing with sweet and sour sauce, wonton soup or hot and sour soup. A silver noodle salad with ground chicken or a Thai chicken salad, you can also have it vegetarian. Fried pork marinated in garlic and pepper or Thai cashew Chicken or tofu. Perhaps Steak Lao, served with steamed vegetables. There are four varieties of fried rice and five noodle dishes and four of curry. You are served either steamed rice or sticky rice which is served to you in an individual bamboo steamer basket.

They offer sides of sticky or steam rice, cucumber salad and also peanut and sweet and sour sauces. Most of the patrons take home a good portion of their meals. You can have the usual assortment of tea, coffee, or soft drinks; they do not sell beer or wine but do allow you to bring your own. They even furnish the cork screw and glasses for your use. You can dine in and they do offer take out, they are closed on Mondays and open from 1:00pm to 9:00am Tuesday-Sunday.

The food was tasty, well prepared and the servings ample in size and all served up with a nice friendly atmosphere. If you happen to be in the hot pools during a cold winter’s day and the breeze carries down the street, you can hardly wait to shower and dry off and head down to the Riverwalk for a meal. The prices are modest with the highest around$15.00 for a whole fried catfish dinner.

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