Saturday, January 24, 2015

Product Evaluation - So Natural Minute Corn on the Cob

So Natural Minute Corn on the Cob
Contains 2 ears, package net weight 17.64 ounces
Distributed by Transcontinental Foods, Miami Florida, the corn is a product of Thailand

 Product evaluation of shrink wrapped corn on the cob. It appears to be cooked corn that has been canned (not in a tin or a glass jar, but in a tough plastic shrink wrap) and has a long shelf life.

The ears approximately 6-inches in length and a good color and texture. When first removed from the wrapping the corn is full of moisture and very plump with a good texture.  Microwave for 2 minutes and the corn is extremely hot and exuding a lot of moisture.  When butter and seasonings are applied the appearance is much that of fresh cooked corn; the taste is very good for such a product, the kernels were plump, and gave way with a burst of juice when bitten.  The taste was sweet and retained that yellow corn flavor; when compared to frozen yellow corn there it is significantly better.  This corn was tender, crisp and juicy. Whereas  its frozen counterpart, would have lost much of its moisture and natural juices; when boiled develop a rubbery or tough texture.

Each package contains two ears of corn. I cooked one of the ears and left the other for a 24 hour period in the refrigerator as a test. I noticed that the second ear had lost a lot amount of its natural juices and the part of the corn touching the plate had flattened; cooking did not plump these flattened kernels and the amount of natural moisture after cooking was less than a newly opened portion.  The taste of the second ear of corn reminded me of reheating an ear of corn previously boiled and left in the refrigerator 3-4 days.  You could still eat it, it tasted of corn but just past it’s time, perhaps removing the corn from the cob and adding it to a soup or stew would have been better.

I would recommend this item for those of you who want a quick ear of corn without the fuss of stripping husks and silk.  It would be perfect for those traveling in motor homes; shelf life is a year or so, requires no refrigeration while unopened and for $1.50 is quite reasonable.  A word of caution; let the ears cool down some before biting into them. Right out of the microwave, they were steaming hot and the hot natural juices could cause severe burns especially to children. If you are a frequent, last minute food preparer and you like corn on the cob, this is a handy product for you. Try it. I think you will like it.