Monday, December 22, 2008

Oliver's, Pocatello, Idaho

If you are a vegetarian, traveling with one or just would like the option of selection, then Oliver’s is the place for you. They were the forerunners of vegetarian food back in the 80’s and served up perhaps the first garden burger, of course made fresh.

The vegetarian lunch fare includes humus sandwich, a grilled eggplant parmesan sandwich, vegetarian chili, lentils and lentil stew. Dinner features spaghetti, a garden burger dinner, spinach cheese ravioli, steamed fresh vegetables, hot chili pasta or a homemade vegetarian lasagna.

They offer classic diner food, 36 sandwich choices along with15 hot sandwich combos. Dinner includes fried chicken, chicken fried steak, meatloaf, chicken strips, fish and chips and spaghetti; let’s not forget the pot roast, baron of beef or turkey. A complete breakfast menu and a few not so traditional offerings, Huevos rancheros, boneless trout and eggs, vegetarian Huevos and my personal favorite, hummus and harpers brand toast and eggs.

Several choices of salads from a classic house or a salmon supreme, chicken salad, or the famous Cobb and a nice fruit and veggie plate. They offer a diner selection of sodas, ice tea and coffee and even a vanilla or cherry coke or beer and wine. The dessert menu offers ice cream floats, ice cream, banana splits, cheese cake, pies, carrot cake to home made cookies and brownies.
A classic diner motif with booths and counter seating they also have a dining room for a more quite eating experience or for larger groups. Oliver’s offers catering for business lunches, seminars, picnics wedding receptions. They have a brown bag special for working person. This box lunch special includes a sandwich a choice of vegetable salad or fresh fruit, potato chips or hard egg, a fresh baked cookie or home made brownie or carrot cake. And they deliver.

The food is homemade quality and the emphasis is on freshness, they have been a corner stone in the community for decades. If you want truly good food, friendly service and good prices, then Oliver’s is your place. Come hungry leave your business card perhaps you can be the lucky winner of a free meal.

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