Monday, December 22, 2008

El Jacalito 5th Ave, Pocatello, Idaho

Open 7 days and most holidays, very casual dining atmosphere. Once the home of a Greek fast food eatery, El Jacalito has not spent a great deal on decorations but they do spend allot of time on their food.

They offer a nice variety of appetizers along with the usual chip and salsa for each table. The salsa’s consistency is more liquid than I like but has a nice taste and would appeal to the taste buds of most patrons. A choice of 5 salads, including your usual dinner salad one with shrimp, chicken avocado, chili Verde and taco surprise. I mention this because there are some among us who would like a salad and skip the beans and rice and this is a nice choice.

They of course feature a nice children’s menu with 4 Mexican dishes, a hamburger, chicken strips and pizza. They offer Caldos (soups) 7 choices, Huevos (eggs) 7 also and your usual combination plates, 14 total. Separate enchilada specials 9 in all, Los Doraditos (crispy ones) featuring taquitos, flautas, chimichangas. Not to forget sizzling fajitas, and tostadas to round out their menu.

Carne asada, chili Verde, caritas, steak picado and 15 Del Mar (seafood ) choices, featuring fish tacos, seafood enchilada, seafood nachos, garlic shrimp etc. A la carte items including French fries, non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. And their specialty of iced tea infused with cranberry juice. And let’s not forget Postres (desserts), you can order chocolate chip ice cream, flan, deep fried ice cream or banana Vallarta.

They have an all you can eat buffet on the weekend featuring the usual and some unusual items each weekend. The staff are friendly and attentive and the food suburb, owned by local residents they have been in operation for just over a year and offer a nice variety from your usual chain type Mexican food. They are passionate about cooking traditional regional dishes they learned from their parents and it shows. You get generous portions at modest prices and can also order to take out.

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