Monday, December 22, 2008

Gustav’s Pub and Grill - Portland Airport

My biggest pet peeve is not being able to sit down in a nice place, relax and enjoy some good food when traveling. When my flight stopped over in Portland I found and thoroughly enjoyed this Pub featuring German food. They have a nice bar with a good selection of hard liquor, wine and beer. You can sit at the bar or relax at a table and be waited on, which is quite nice after being crammed in a seat sized for a toddler and wedged between two line backers, well you know what I am talking about.

It is open fronted to afford the passer by to see what they have to offer, but the lighting is dimmed to allow you to relax and not remain wired. Now they are not a “restaurant” but a pub and offer pub food. Per it’s name, it’s classic German type offerings from soup to sandwiches. They offer Bavarian Bratwurst, Schnitzel, Munich Sausage, smoked Bier Sausage with Lentil soup and cheese bread.

Of course you can also opt for the usual French dip sandwich, classic bacon cheeseburger, grilled Reuben or smoked turkey sandwich. The early passenger can have a real breakfast of French toast, a Denver scramble, a lo carb breakfast or a Bavarian hunters plate, that comes with a plump chicken breast lightly grilled and topped with bacon and melted cheddar cheese and served with two eggs, German fried potatoes and toast. Sure beats McDonalds and the prices are modest the Hunter’s plate is only $9.99.

They have three salad offerings, a Caesar Salad, Waldorf chicken salad and the house salad with fresh greens, julienne beets and diced cucumber and choice of dressing including balsamic vinaigrette. When you order the sandwich offerings they include your choice of kettle chips, seasoned fries or a tomato cucumber salad. Now since I had a shorter than normal layover I did not want to stuff my self so I ordered light, the grilled chicken sandwich which is served on a toasted Kaiser roll with herb cream cheese, grilled onions, red and green peppers on a bed or red leaf lettuce.

Grilled to perfection the taste was succulent as it was not dried out but moist, the cream cheese added another depth of flavor and the aroma of the grilled onions mingled with the peppers to give that needed crunch and taste to complete the experience. I selected the seasoned fries which were cooked to a nice golden brown and served “hot”. A generous portion of chicken and fries enough for a large eater and more than enough for the smaller eater and even enough for an in flight snack since they also offer to go containers.

They have four locations, Portland (two locations), Clackamas and Vancouver, WA. Well worth looking for if your taste buds are looking for a wake up call.

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