Friday, December 30, 2011

The Bridge Wine Bar & Restaurant - Pocatello

The Bridge Wine Bar & Restaurant
815 S 1stPocatello, ID 83201
(In Kingport Junction)
December 30, 2011

Hummus PlatterIt is a thrill when I can spend time with one of my three children, and tonight was one such event; my eldest son had invited me to join him at a new bistro in Pocatello called The Bridge. It’s located in historic down town Pocatello on 1st street, nestled among turn of the century buildings The Bridge is a beacon in the effort to bring life into the once abandoned warehouse district.
At first glance one might drive buy since this eatery is actually situated inside a fish market and once occupied co-op market. Once past the lack of glamour one enters into an historic pristine wooden floor area with over 100 year old brick walls and an open acoustic ceiling. Walking past the fish market you are greeted by a cute hostess who quickly seats you. If it’s not busy you have your choice of where you want to sit, near the rear door to see outside, near the open kitchen so you can observe the chefs in action making their menu creations, near the main door more secluded, or perhaps on the upper level reserved for the overflow crown. The tables are square but afford ample room for four to dine in cChicken Picattaomfort.
I picked the table closest to the al fresco door; mid winter it still afforded a glimpse of the outside terrace and the drizzling rain coming down in swift swirls before the wind force of our eminent snow storm. It was a magical moment; the glimmering lights dancing off the rain soaked patio gave the impression of a fairy tale land. Our waiter soon appeared with menus in hand and asked if we wanted something from the wine/bear menu. We were not quite ready to order our main entrees so opted for the Hummus and pita bread appetizer. Being closely acquainted with Middle Eastern food I was looking forward to the usual hummus style dip, but to my surprise this was something different.
The hummus was the chick peas ground with some spices but without the infusion of garlic, instead you found the minced concoction sitting atop of the generous mound of hummus. On first taste one experienced actual chick pea flavor and not until you added a bit of the garlic did you then identify the usually over infused garlic laden chick pea creation.
Shrimp Pad ThaiWe were served several slices of a baguette with oil, a reduction of what I thought was a plum sauce and grated cheese. My son and I found this to be very tasty and to our liking. I had ordered a bottle of wine a Gascon Malbec and it provided a fruity and flavorful addition not only to our appetizers but to our entrees as well.
I ordered the Chicken Picatta and my son ordered the Shrimp Pad Tai, both of our dishes were beyond expectations. My Chicken was moist and succulent with the wine reduction and capers reaching a harmonious blending to melt in your mouth. My vegetables were roasted to al dente, but crisp and tender to the mouth. My sons Pad Tai was abounding with flavor, the shrimp were plump and moist the sauce was pungent with just the right amount of aromatics and chili’s to make your taste buds demand more.
Truly a dining delight and one must not forget that this eatery is nestled among abandoned warehouses and long forgotten rail road tracks. One can only hope that this small resurgence of dining The Wine - a Gascon Malbeccontinues and Pocatello residents can experience more cultural master pieces as this. Lest one forget than humble beginnings great restaurants make. The wait staff is suburb and know their menu’s to a tee and offer sound and point advice to guide you to a dining experience beyond expectations. A limited but good menu with reasonable prices will provide most all diners with a choice of fare.
I rate The Bridge at a 9 and expect to see them grow and expand with taste delights to tempt the most sophisticated pallet and the inexperienced to heights never before achieved. Bravo and I hope to taste more in the future.