Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Marigold's, Pocatello, Idaho

1800 Flandro Drive, Suite 330
Pocatello Idaho
February 8, 2011

It has been said that you are only given one chance at a first impression; this statement is a hard fact. If you fail at your first attempt then it forever lingers in the mind of those you failed to impress.

This statement is true for the little bistro called Marigold’s in Pocatello Idaho. It is located in a busy strip mall which makes parking arduous during peak times. It features the upcoming wine trend of pre measured pours offering the casual connoisseur a chance to taste a variety of wines at a modest cost. Their fare is geared towards the unusual but identifiable; hummus with veggies, spanakopita, tempura shrimp even a margarita pizza to name a few. Decadent desserts are also offered with specialty coffees to satisfy that sweet tooth. Sadly reading the menu, perusing the available wines and ogling at the desserts was as close as I got.

It was a Tuesday evening around 5pm, we were the only patrons in the place except for the waitress. We seated ourselves and the waitress brought us two waters and left. There was one menu on the table so we took another from a nearby table. My daughter asked a question about a cheese plate and got a rather subdued answer, so we continued to read on.

The phone rang and was promptly answered by the waitress and this is where our dining adventure at Marigolds stopped. We sat and sat and even waived at her but to no avail. At one point we thought she was hanging up but only turned around to make some coffee and continued to ignore her only customers in the place. I understand when a shop is busy and don’t mind waiting but I will not tolerate waiting for a personal phone call and being ignored. We got up and left and she never turned around to acknowledge our departure.

We had a delightful dinner at Red Lobster that evening, sadly I felt bad for my daughter since she had purchased the $30.00 gift card to Marigolds for my Christmas present and wanted me to enjoy myself.

I am unclear if I will return to Marigolds, I really don’t want to waste my daughter’s gift card, but I will always have a bitter taste towards this establishment and it will be hard to be un biased when it comes to judging their food and, yes, their service.

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Lil O'Handley said...

Nice post, Pattie Sue! I am not sure if the cause is today's society and chain-mentality or not, but most restaurants have forgotten good/bad service will trump their food quality in almost every case. When hubby and I dine out, we look first for atmosphere, then service, THEN food. PHENOMENAL food can overcome atmosphere but crummy "service" is unforgivable...isn't service meant to imply hospitality? I get angry at staff that makes you feel as if THEY are doing YOU the favor. I'll avoid Marigold's, thanks to this!