Sunday, September 19, 2010

JandD's Family Restaurant - Brigham City, Utah

JandDs Exterior from Maiin Street
J&D’s Restaurant
720 So. Main St
Brigham City, Utah
(435) 723-3811

Located on Main Street in Brigham city, J&D’s is truly a family style establishment. Booths are the mainstay with a couple of tables for larger parties and a friendly wait staff and affordable prices. If you prefer the home cooked style of food this is a must try, since the food does resemble what you JandDs Salad served with the BLTwould prepare at home.

They have a large breakfast menu, some three pages worth, and offer them all day long. The dinner menu offered a nice selection of favorites and they have a daily/weekly special at a nice reduced cost. We all ordered from the lunch/sandwich part of the menu. It states, “All hamburgers are one third pound served lettuce, onions, pickles and tomatoes on request. Add extra patty, $1.89. All burgers and sandwiches are served with your choice of soup, salad, tater JandDs BLT Sandwich on Toasttots, sweet potato fries or French fries.”

The fish double dish sandwich ($6.49) was served open faced with cheese on a regular hamburger bun accompanied with tater tots. The BLT ($4.79) was served on toasted white sandwich bread and with a nice mixed salad. The cheeseburger ($4.79) was served as well on a regular hamburger bun with a nice helping of French fries.

I say family style because that is just what it is, JandDs Double Fish Sandwich with Tater Totsno pretentious food presentation, no swirls of some colored sauce, nothing piled on top of a mystery ingredient but most importantly a nice helping was given and not a tiny tid bit nestled in the middle of your plate. The food could have been cooked up in your grandma’s kitchen and would not have tasted better.

While we dined the staff and patrons interacted JandDs Cheeseburger with French friesas old friends, this must be the favorite get together diner for the town. That marks a good place to eat when passing through a strange town, if the parking lot is full it must be the place of choice.

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