Sunday, August 08, 2010

Alfredo's Granada Restaurant - Burbank, California

Alfredo’s Granada Restaurant
1100 W. Victory Blvd
Burbank, Calif. 90506

Yet another Mexican eatery, perhaps not least, the staff, are happy, eager and remember a customer which is hard now days for most places. Although not huge they can accommodate large parties or just one or two. The menu offers the usual Mexican entrees, a la carte; children’s menu and some darn tasty drinks and prices range from about $8-$12.00 for dinners. I love a good margarita and they do have one to keep coming back for, and for the rest of their drinks they are equally well indeed.
They serve you warm chips and a mild salsa, when we asked for one with more bang we got what I would compare to the Pace medium salsa heat, not bad tasting but not the fire I was hoping for. Their food is consistent in quality and quantity so I am told; my in laws have been going to Granada’s for many years and will not eat Mexican food anywhere else. Eager to sample the food I was impressed with the overall taste, it was good, not great but real tasty, which for a Mexican food establishment is what it is all about. Modest prices with a pleasant décor and some tasty food prepared for American tastes make this a nice family restaurant.
Whenever I try out a new Mexican place, I rate the service, drinks, the salsa and then the entrée in that order. Service would rate 5 stars, drinks are also 5 stars, salsa at 2 and the entrée would be 3 which place Granada’s at around 3.7 stars. If I don’t have good service it somehow diminishes the food. You could have served me a Taco Bell taco that night but with the pampering I got that night I felt I was dining at the Ritz.
Parking is difficult with on street parking only and sloping sidewalks make handicap access difficult but not impossible. Those waiting for a table congregate outside which makes entering/exiting a chore during peak times.

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