Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, Woodland Hills, California

Kabuki is set in the style of an oriental Denny’s, booth seating with glass front windows to let the outside in or let you view out. There is seating at the sushi bar to give you that birds eye view of your rolls being created. The decor is not that of your typical oriental establishment, but the flavor of the staff that routinely converse in their particular tongue remind you, you are in deed not in Kansas.
The menu features cold appetizers from tofu, crab rolls, mussels on the half shell, asparagus beef to mention just a few. You have an assortment of salads, around fourteen or so, from seaweed, tuna, octopus, seafood and a yummy vegetarian watercress yuzu salad featuring romaine, watercress, daikon, cucumber, endive and sesame seeds served with yuzu dressing.
They have luncheon specials and dinner from your usual teriyaki beef or chicken tempura, barbecue ribs, pork loin to the more unusual sushi combos and a boat dinner which is ordered for two or more giving you a sampling of the favorites. There is the oriental version of fajitas, the Hibachi Dinner served to you on a sizzling hot plate; you can have beef, chicken or seafood.
There are some special entrees featuring seared tuna, shrimp or scallops and to round it out the soups, noodles and usual sides are offered. I am not much for dessert but marveled at the choices offered, from ice cream, tempura ice cream, napoleon, sorbet and apple tart roll, not too bad.

Last but not least the sushi menu, eighteen Kabuki sushi combinations, twenty two Kabuki roll combos, they have a premium sushi and chefs special of thirty one favorites and eleven types of sashimi available. Choices range from the usual tuna, halibut to snapper, mackerel, smelt egg, sea eel, bean curt to sea urchin. The sashimi offers some unusual items like, giant clam, fatty yellow tail and albacore for a seafood lovers delight.
You can dine in or call in for your order to go, this time we ate in. You are offered edamame at the start of your meal with tea or drink of choice. Our table offered a wide assortment of sushi, rolls, seafood and tasty seafood udon noodle soup, all prepared quite well and presented by knowledgeable staff. The items were all tasty and quite pleasing to the eye, not to forget that you get your moneys worth as the menu is quite generous.

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