Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Golden Corral, Pocatello, Idaho

Golden Corral,800 Yellowstone, Pocatello Id
A grill and buffet offers the ability to eat all you want or order a meal. For a modest price you are offered a full salad bar, regular iceberg, romaine and a mix of mescaline greens, all the various accompaniments and the ability to add fresh fruit, cottage cheese, macaroni salad or potato salad. There is a potato bar that offers chili and cheese, broccoli and cheese sauce and for the purest just potato, butter, sour cream and chives.
The grill offers, chicken, meat loaf, pot roast, ham, roast beef, fresh mashed potatoes (not processed) several types of vegetables, fresh sauteed mushrooms and breads and rolls. You are continually toped off on your drinks and there is a dessert bar with pies, pudding, and ice cream to delight just about every one.
You can find your own table and a waitress starts you off with your plates and continually monitors your table taking away used dishes. The atmosphere is light and friendly, basically a busy and a bit noisy family style dining establishment. The food is good quality and flavorful. If you are a big eater this is the place for you, and if you just like a salad I suggest you try their salad bar, you will find just about everything you look for.

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