Saturday, January 19, 2019

Sterling Spoon Cafe - Silver Seven Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Silver Sevens Casino  4100 Paradise Road  Las Vegas, NV. 89169

Website  (702) 733-7000 x8106

Open 24/7 – Daily Specials 11AM – 11PM  Their Menu 

 We were staying at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino but wanted to find a more quiet setting to have breakfast.  So we went off strip and discovered the Silver Sevens Hotel and Casino. We were immediately attracted to the free, front of the building self-parking with only a short walk to the hotel and casino entrance.  After two days of valet parking and associated fees this was a refreshing change.

As is the usual in Las Vegas, gambling is the business and rooms, food service and entertainment are the lures to the gambling mecca. The Silver Seven offers three choices for food and drink for its patrons.  The Corona Cantina Bar, open Daily 2PM to 2AM: It is a TV and video game bar with a limited menu of snack and fast foods. The S7 Buffet, and buffets are very popular in Las Vegas, its hours and days vary depending on the specialty items. Our choice for breakfast was the Sterling Spoon Cafe.

 The casino was nicely lit and clean with adequate ventilation. We walked up a short flight of stairs to the restaurant area, and were quickly seated.   The area is spacious with a self-serve buffet area to the left of the dining area.   We ordered from the breakfast menu, received our water and coffee in short order, this is where it stopped.

We ordered: The Silver Sevens Breakfast ($7.77) 3 eggs ( ordered over easy), bacon and hash browns with sour dough toast,  Sausage Biscuits and gravy ($5.99) and New York Steak and eggs; ($10.99)  (ordered over easy and the steak medium rare)

After 20 minutes our orders arrived, besides our party there were about 5 other couples, all of whom had been served their orders. The exception was one couple who arrived after we did, and incidentally, received their food orders just before we did.

My order, the Silver Seven Breakfast, arrived with rubbery, over done eggs, and greasy flaccid bacon with almost done hash browns.  The toast was so drenched in butter that it pooled on the plate, so much so that when the toast was held at an angle the butter dripped onto the plate.

The steak and eggs arrived with over well eggs, but in only slightly better condition than my eggs. Unfortunately, the steak was cooked well done (if you are a medium well done steak lover you what a crime it is to cook a steak well done).  The only order that arrived in good condition was the biscuits and gravy.

We told the waitress about the eggs, the steak and our other concerns. To give credit where credit is due, we soon were able to explain the condition of the food to the manager. He offered to give us something else or to recook the items (I am curious, how does one recook over done eggs or recook an already over cooked steak?).  We said no and wanted the items to simply be removed from the bill.  This was done with some reluctance; they removed the cost of the eggs and steak (a la cart cost) and presented us the new bill.  It is interesting note is that after this the waitress never came back to our table, to offer us any water or coffee refills.  This was our clue to exit I would suppose.

The casino offers free parking and very cheap rooms, on line you get mixed reviews but the review of the food was considerably better. Perhaps this was just one of those bad days for the café that are so hard to live down. They did respond to our complaint and made offers to try and resolve the issue. I am considering that I might go back for a second time just to see if our experience was simply a fluke or if the food is up to par.

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