Saturday, April 02, 2011

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Red Robin Anchorage exterior
Red Robin, in Anchorage, Alaska and Idaho Falls, Idaho

A nationwide franchise, Red Robin is perhaps best known for their endless plates of French fries and fee drink refills (excluding alcoholic drinks). Their specialty of the house is hamburgers in eveRed Robin typicall interior dining roomry shape and fashion from the regulation cheeseburger to the Monster burger, aka “the open wide burger”. You can have an oriental inspired burger, a burger topped with pepper jack cheese, or just double the cheese, or perhaps guacamole or a Whiskey River ® BBQ sauce burger. They have chicken burgers, fish burgers and even a garden burger for the vegetarian. Or sample the turkey club burger and for those carb counters out there they have a lettuce wrapped protein burger. Something for everyone. They of course also offer entrees of Carnitas fajitas, pasta Alfredo, or perhaps their clam strips just to name a few. They offer you a towering stack of onion rings, or buzzard wings might tease your taste budsRed Robin Wise Guy Hamburger. Soups Whiskey River BBQ Sandwichand salads round out the offerings and bringing up the rear are their margaritas, beer and wine list a nice list and very tasty. They offer “chillin” concoctions of groovy smoothies (seasonal fruits), or dreamy orange smoothies, of if your hankering for a more traditional drink, try their monster shakes and malts. A full variety of sodas and ice teas, coffee and tea complete the list. I’ve noticed that most of the Red Robins are located in or very near to malls, and some like the Anchorage location you need to know where you are going or you miss it. The buildings are the same inside and out with little to no variation in decor or menu items. So to say you ate in one then you ate in them all is perhaps a true statement, only the wait staff could alter your impression of a Red Robin. Prices are reasonable, you get Red Robin Chicken Sandwichyour money’s worth no mater what you try, and it’s all Bacon and Swiss Hamburgergood. Even the modest burger was hard to finish along with the fries and drink; of course I gave it my all. The more robust eaters can handily finish off their order and even have refills of fries and beverage. They provide to go for all menu items (except alcoholic drinks) and provide take home containers for your leftovers. For more information about Red Robin,