Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Le Cirque in the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

I think perhaps once in every one’s lifetime they should really dress up and dine out with a touch of opulence and elegance. Le Cirque is just such a place, not only to experience some quality French food, but to be pampered to the extreme. I had on this occasion my son and brother in law accompanying me for this adventure in dining.
Since dress codes are enforced I made sure that both my companions had the appropriate dinner attire. Dressed to the nines we ventured down the elevator and traversed the casino to the main entrance of Le Cirque. It is small, intimate and very formal; we were greeted immediately by a hostess who checks our reservations. Our table was not quite ready so we were required to sit in the entry lounge which consisted of a small seating area and an ornate bar which would seat about 4 guests. Quickly our drinks arrived and after a brief period our table was ready.
The matre’d came for us and the waiter carried our beverages into the dining room. We were seated at a table for four complete with white linens, china and crystal. Menus were passed out and soon we were ooing and awing over each offering. My brother in law was having difficulty with the menu, he had forgotten his glasses, but our ever so aware waiter soon presented him with a pair of reading glasses kept for just such occasions.

The décor is in pastels of pinks and yellows with a whimsical circus theme. Fine tapestry materials are draped from the ceiling with circus murals painted on the walls. The dining room is small and intimate but the tables are far enough apart to provide you some privacy. You are also afforded a view of the inner garden and fountain through a large window. Conversations were kept to a respectable level so there was no chatter or distractions; clearly each diner was there to enjoy the food to the maximum.
The menu features fine French cuisine whose offerings change seasonally and in some instances daily. There is an option to dine prix fixe three-course dinner or choose the five-course option which changes nightly. An expert sommelier is available to help chose the right wine for the menu and also to select one to your budget. The three course dinner is around $95.00 and the five course $115.00 plus the cost of your wine. We chose the three course dinner and the sommelier helped us pick a nice wine to accompany entrees but stay within our budget of $40.00 per bottle, a nice red which came from Paso Robles California, my childhood town.

We dined on Bass (Chilean Sea Bass - Herb & Ginger Chilean Sea Bass, Hon Shimeji Mushrooms, Swiss Chard, Citrus Vinaigrette), Chicken ( Poulet Rôti Contiser à la Truffe Noir - organic Roasted Chicken, Black Truffle, Macaroni au Foie Gras) and Veal (Filet de Veau - Milk-Fed Veal Tenderloin, Pink Lady Apple Beignet, Creamy Polenta, Prunes & Armagnac Preserve) and we sampled each other’s dishes and to our delight each was suburb. The salad was served first along with an assortment of bread. The main courses along with our sides came next; not huge nor were the offerings small. There was enough to satiate your appetite but not enough to send you out with a bloated feeling. I need to add that Le Cirque makes an absolutely marvelous cup of coffee; one could almost chew the richly roasted coffee beans.

Open Tuesday –Sunday from 5:30-10pm, no children under age 12 are allowed nor are cell phones, cigars or pipes. Reservations are absolutely required.
3600 Las Vegas Blvd S (Bellagio Drive) Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 425-6502

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