Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Remos - Pocatello, Idaho

A quaint establishment fashioned after a castle of old. Al fresco dining is available during the summer months, shaded by grape arbors and screened off from traffic and pedestrians. It offers a quiet and intimate setting for dining.
Inside it is more of an Italian continental affair, with dim lighting, starched white tablecloths and just the right amount of art decor. For a more quite dining experience I recommend dining in the small bar area, it holds about 6 tables and a small bar. For those who like to take in the whole affair it offers two separate dining rooms.
The menu is comprised of traditional continental Italian fare and some scrumptious seafood combos. You can even dine on sushi on Wednesdays and their selection and preparation is excellent. It is an informal to a very formal dining establishment depending on the circumstances.
We ordered two very distinct dinners. Mine was the classic chicken picata and my guest ordered the broiled halibut. Now both dinners included your choice of house salad or the classic Caesar, choice of baked potato, garlic smashed potatoes, rice pilaf or selected fresh vegetables steamed to fork tender. Since this was not my first trip to Remos I opted for the house salad, I don’t want to dissuade you from ordering it, but I am spoiled in the preparation of this classic salad, and sadly Remos does not live up the pomp and circumstance of a table tossed salad complete with raw egg. So the garden salad was ordered all around, it’s a moderate size salad of iceberg with a few slices cucumbers and tomatoes and your choice of dressing. You are given a small baguette of bread, which I must say was tasty. We ordered an appetizer of oysters on the half shell and although tasty, they were of room temperature and a medium size.
The dinners arrived shortly after and seemed unimpressive. The halibut was a nice size, broiled and void of any heavy spices to disguise the taste and accompanied with the selected fresh vegetables. They were at most a combination of broccoli, carrots, and onions and tasteless. We had asked at the time of ordering if indeed they were garden fresh and assured they were; however if so, then the garden is past its prime.
My fare was the chicken picata; it is a classic combination of white wine, capers and lemon. The taste was good however the chicken was just a bit overdone, perhaps tough. Again I wont go into the garden veggies. In part this was not a busy night it was a Tuesday and quite slow in the early evening, so perhaps a new chief? Now one must wonder why I did not order a potato or pilaf, you can cook a baker or make mashed at home almost any time, and well quite frankly rice pilaf, once you have cooked it at home, leaves ones taste buds spoiled forever. But if you are not versed in cooking such fare please do order these for they would be much better than the alternative.
The menu offers traditional Italian dishes such as Alfredos, and other classic noodles dishes, steaks, seafood as well as the catch of the day specials, which if you are looking for value for your buck is the way to go. Try to catch it at lunch and you get almost as much for less than the dinner price. They have a full bar and a superb wine selection for your drinking pleasure.

To accompany this meal we ordered a medium priced bottle of a bruit champagne, which for $17.00 was an excellent choice for both entrees. I would recommend dining at Remos and my opinions are those of my personal taste and should not dissuade you from following your own desires.

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